Reclaimed Wood

Our products clear the forest of dead and decomposing trees that release carbon dioxide and serve as a volatile fuel for wildfires.

Beetle Killed Wood

This is a tree after it has been infested with bark beetles, they burrow into the tree, “kill” it, preventing it from absorbing future carbon.

Once the beetles infect the wood they leave a fungus behind that creates a bluish hue. The fungus is then heated and removed from the wood leaving behind a unique color.

The amount of money spent on wildfires annually in the US. Included is the cost of pre-suppression, suppression, insurance, and even R&D cost.



CO2 stored in one tree per year



CO2 breathed in a year



Temperature Increase per year

Our Mission Statement

Phoenix Wood’s mission is to incite a generation of environmentally conscious individuals to aid in the protection of our forests. This can be accomplished through the use of dead wood in various products to increase the capacity of biomass utilization.


Company Media

129 Million Trees
Bark Beetles have killed 129 million trees in California. Every time a tree dies it adds more fuel to a future potential wildfire. Each of those trees are capable of transferring 500 gallons of water into the air in just one day.

By purchasing Phoenix Wood products you: reduce CO2 released from atmosphere, reduce fuel for Wildfires, and promote forest regeneration.

"We have a very dangerous, unpredictable situation. We have some of the highest temperatures, some of the driest landscape conditions, and some of the most powerful winds - all ingredients for a perfect firestorm."
-Ron Roberts, Chairman of the San Diego Board of Supervisors (KPBS)