question_answer Frequently Asked Questions

  • info_outlineHow does Phoenixwood contribute to our community?
    By taking dead wood out the our forest and turning them into useful products.
  • help_outlineAre you a real company?
    No this company is apart of a program known as Virtual Enterprise, no real products are sold.
  • help_outlineHow does the VEI cart system work?
    Add an item to your cart, enter your VEI credit card information and you will be automatically billed.
  • help_outlineWhere are you located?
    Our virtual company is located at Stockdale Highschool located in Bakersfield, California.
  • info_outlineWhat is the real world equivalent?
    If you look up beetle killed furniture you can find companies that sell real beetle wood products!
  • help_outlineWhy is [Insert Product]'s cost on the website not the same on the VE checkout?
    VE's checkout system applies tax AFTER clicking 'Checkout' whereas we apply the tax before, allowing users to know about how much they will pay in total with tax.
  • help_outlineHow do I use the Search Options?
    Select "Use Search Options" to narrow your search then select either a specific category or specific Icon. Type into the search bar and it will apply all checked options into the search filter.

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