Who We Are

Phoenix Wood is a wood-products retailer that uses reclaimed drought-killed and beetle-killed wood from California’s Sierra Nevada. Phoenix Wood has a wide selection of consumer goods, including recreational, residential, and commercial lines.

Phoenix Wood was created to design and sell handcrafted, customizable wood products produced by subcontractors utilizing reclaimed wood from the 129 million dead and diseased trees in California.

Our Mission Statement

Phoenix Wood’s mission is to incite a generation of environmentally conscious individuals to aid in the protection of our forests. This can be accomplished through the use of dead wood in various products to increase the capacity of biomass utilization.

Every product purchased from Phoenix Wood gives useful purpose to a dead or dying tree. Clearing useable dead wood from the forest enhances forest regeneration, and reduces wildfire danger. This in turn reduces the potential for massive pollution: one wildfire burning for a week equals the pollution from 1.2 millions cars in a year.

Once drought or bark beetles kill a tree, it stops absorbing carbon dioxide and instead releases carbon dioxide as the wood decomposes. The increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere contributes to global warming.

What We Envision

We want consumers to know the source of their products, and realize their purchases impact the environment.

Phoenix Wood envisions a future where everyone is a contributor to the improvement of our precious environment by purchasing eco-conscience wood products.

By purchasing Phoenix Wood products you: reduce CO2 released from atmosphere, reduce fuel for Wildfires, and promote forest regeneration.

Our Team